The Forests Have Eyes

The Forests Have Eyes

The Forests Have Eyes

Topaz RestyleThe big color shift in this image was applied through Topaz Restyle: The filter contains thousands of color schemes that can be applied to a selection (or entire image). Click on any of the presets the preview the effect on the image. It is easy to go through quite a few and find one you like. I chose “Elepant Herd” for this project. I liked the enhanced golds, rusts, and blues.

The Steps

This project started with a black square on a large page. I selected the square, then transformed it by simply moving a copy. To “step and repeat” the square, use the Transform Again command under Edit. It takes a little experimentation, but works great to create perfect equal spacing. I made a copy of the six squares, dragged them down, then transformed them to a longer set of rectangles.

I opened a bunch of images, then used the Paste Into command to insert each one into a space.

A copy of the final grid of color images were converted to Black and White using Nik Silver Efex Pro and set to Luminosity mode. I adjusted opacity to let some of the underlying color show through.

The Project Parts

A merged copy of the B&W and Color Layer was run through Topaz Texture Effects. I started with a preset called Crumbling Beach. The intensity of effect was adjusted by moving the opacity slider on the layer.

A merged copy of the image grid layer was run through Topaz Restyle for the color shift. The same color shift was applied to the original Bison fur layer to unify the background with the grid of images.

Lastly, I added a row of trees I extracted from a photo I took of trees with a low cloud behind them. The black was changed to indigo blue.

The Forests Have Eyes

The Forests Have Eyes: I reopened the first file and took the image to a different place. The initial steps were the same…just a few different filters in different order. The original concept for this project was to include just the eyes, but it became apparent people wouldn’t be able to identify the animal. I decided to include a longer strip, then wanted to disperse the bottom section of the strip. At one time, I tried including a silhouette of the animal near the bottom, but I didn’t like the results. The strip of trees seemed to tie the bottom sections.

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