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About MeAs I make this inaugural post for Teton Textures, I will be only a day or two away from turning 62 years old. Around here, that qualifies me to purchase a $10 lifetime National Park Pass! That’s undoubtedly the best deal around! Unfortunately, it also labels me as a Senior Citizen. Ouch! Maybe I am just well seasoned.

I mention my age primarily to highlight the number of years I have been dabbling in Photoshop. My first version was Photoshop v2.5, back in the late ’80s. That was the version BEFORE LAYERS! Version 3 was a huge step forward, allowing us to move away from Alpha Channels and complex selections. Each revision makes the program either better, faster, and/or easier to use. Photoshop is hands down my favorite program!

Lightroom can now do a lot of the heavy lifting. I start there and I enjoy many of the features. It’s easy to make virtual copies and create numerous non-destructive edits before sending a large file to Photoshop. The gap between Photoshop and Lightroom has been narrowing steadily, however there’s still a huge gap.

My degree back “in the day” was in Fine Art in Painting. That was long before any of us had seen a personal computer, much less any of the hand held devices of today. It was also before any of us were toting digital cameras. Still, much of my art training from that period applies to what we can produce now and I am thankful I received it.

So, this site brings together several skill sets — not much of which is learned overnight. It feels much like a journey and not a destination. The horizon is always shifting and I dutifully keep going — hopefully learning all along the way. Although I still paint, I enjoy spending time in front of my 30″ Apple Cinema Display. Computers, especially with Photoshop installed, allow me to experiment to my heart’s content and fall back to a saved version or splinter off in different directions. That’s much harder to do with a traditional watercolor.

Teton Textures will evolve steadily. I think I have a clear initial vision for the site, but I am also excited about the unknown aspect of it all.

I hope you take the time to sign up and follow the blog and take the journey forward with me!


Mike R. Jackson / Jackson Hole, WY

Contact Info:

Mike R. Jackson / Golden Era Studios
PO Box 7850
Jackson, WY 83002
Land Line: 307-733-5456 (you’ll probably get a recorder if I am out)

email at info@tetonimages.com.

Golden Era Studios / Mike R. Jackson is an Authorized Permittee of the National Park Service and the National Elk Refuge. Member NANPA, Nikon NPS, NWU, and Jackson Hole Chamber of Commerce