Fall’s Companions

Fall's Companions

Fall’s Companions:

During the rut, many of the big bulls split up and find their own harem of cows. Later is the season, bulls reassemble and are often seen gently sparring.

Under the Hood:

About all I knew going into this project is I wanted to add a couple of nice sized sparring moose. The initial vision included half a dozen moose built into the composition, but I kept coming back to a single pair of featured moose. I added some brush at their feet and a new morning background, taken at sunrise along the Gros Ventre River. I layered in a winter shot of the Tetons and some migrating Canada Geese. V shaped formations of geese are common at that time of the year. The bulls were extracted in Topaz ReMask 5. The last steps involved unifying the colors and adding in a bit of texture. The faint ring, or circle, in this piece was an important element. A composite image like this one is never intended to imitate a real scene I captured in one image. The fragmented ring, at least in my opinion, helps clarify the artistic license. (Click the image to see it quite a bit larger!)


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