Sanibel Dreaming

Sanibel DreamingSanibel Dreaming:

Last April, my wife and I spent most of a week on Sanibel Island—near Ft. Myers on the Gulf side of Florida. I came home with a large folder of images taken at all times of the day. Of course, sunsets and sunrises are the most spectacular. (Click the image above to view it quite a bit larger!)

Sanibel Parts

Created a “targeted Collection” in Lightroom, then went through the folders and picked a few I thought I might use. I added them to the Collection by tapping the B key. These are a few I added to the folder initially. I added one additional copper verde texture late in the project.  For a bit more info on how to make a Collection in Lightroom, check out Gears: & Lightroom Collections.

Sanibel Dreaming #2

Sanibel Dreaming #2:

Later in the day, I revisited the composition. I kept getting the feeling the Heron looked a bit too much like a pterodactyl—swooping in to pick off my wife and taking her to her offspring. I did a few tweaks here and there and substituted the Brown Pelican. While I had the file cracked open, I repeated more of the washed out aqua on the left side.

There are a lot more photos from our Sanibel Trip on this page of my Best of the Tetons Blog.

I extracted the Reddish Heron (and later the Brown Pelican) and the Lighthouse before layering them into the working files. The rest of the layers were simple adjustments using layers, layer masks and blend modes. Once composited and merged, I added a few additional filters in Topaz and Nik.

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5 thoughts on “Sanibel Dreaming

  1. Mike, I love what you’re doing with this new blog, and seeing your emails in my inbox. I’m surprised to see the emails coming from, though, instead of from your domain. Normally I’d delete such emails as junk, but fortunately I’ve seen your name in the first few words and stopped my delete finger in the nick of time. Is there any way to get these emails to be sent from your domain instead of

    • Hi Steve,
      I am at home today trying to take care of a bunch of small loose ends. The wordpress blog is one of them. I paid for the site to have a secure server (https) but I don’t see it. Hopefully, the call I make will solve several small issues like this one. I started this blog to keep from bogging down the other one. Not all readers there want all of this info, but I am sure there will be a lot of overlap of readers. Cheers! Mike Jackson

  2. Mike,
    I’m enjoying the new site. Love the info on LR. I had just recently signed up to get LR and still finding my way around in it, so the input helps .
    Do you add Metadata to an image directly, say with PS, or do you just add the Metadata into LR which doesn’t add it to the image ?

    • Phil, Adding metadata within Photoshop seems very laborious. I prefer to add it while in Lightroom. If all of the images on an import are of the same subject, I add the keywords on import, otherwise, I do it after import. There are LOTS of different tools and techniques for adding, syncing, and copying keywords. Going back…I always let Lightroom apply an Import Preset that contains my name, address, website, email address, copyright info, and so forth. No need to have to do that after the fact since it is the same for every image.

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