Morning At Schwabacher

Morning at Schwabacher

Morning at Schwabacher:

This is a self portrait, taken at Schwabacher Landing in Grand Teton National Park. I used a remote trigger with the camera set up on a sturdy tripod. (Click the image above to see it quite a bit larger!)

Base Image

Base Image: I did two versions of this composite, trying a variety of techniques and filters. The dot pattern was added in JixiPix: Pop Dot Comics. The cross-hatch pattern in the lower right was added in Alien Skin: Snap Art. The image was simplified using Topaz Simplify and the fine lines were added using the same filters. The unique color shift was a result of creating a sepia toned, textured image in Topaz Simplify, then setting the blend mode to Hue. I used an additional Hue/Saturation adjustment layer to enhance the colors on the whole composition. The compass and sparkle dun fly were added along the way and were blended into the background by adjusting the opacity of each layer. When I was finished, I tried one more adjustment in On1 Enhance 10: Magic City. It seemed to add just the right final snap to the composition.

I let this one simply “evolve”. The second version benefited from the attempts on the first try.

2 thoughts on “Morning At Schwabacher

  1. Mike, So crazy that you started this site, I love it. I’ve been experimenting outside the box too. I found a site with textures, and tutorials and have been having a blast experimenting with them. Right now I am shooting old gnarly looking saguaro cactus and using the textures on them. That and the 4 male bighorn sheep that hang out here.

    • Hi Mary,
      Thanks for making the first post on TetonTextures! Keep ’em coming! You must have moved south if you are seeing Saguaro Cactus? I need to check more often! This site has a completely different mission and hopefully will find an audience that appreciates what can be done AFTER the initial captures. They also give us an outlet for images that are compromised in some way in the original capture…like power lines, con trails, tracks, roads, and so forth. In the end, they are just plain fun. Please say hi to Al for me. MJ

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