Dancing Foxes

Dancing Foxes

Dancing Foxes:

I captured the original image for this project in January of last year. The male came in to greet the female and did a little courtship dance before continuing off to look for food. Unfortunately, this all happened in the middle of a road and with a distracting snow bank behind them. For this composition, I extracted the pair of foxes and their shadows from the background and then added a few graphic elements behind them.

Foxes Layers

The tree layer was captured on a frosty morning just a week or so ago. The dark tree trunks were distracting, so I inverted the image, then desaturated it. I added a white moon shape on a new layer.  I lowered the opacity, then set it to Soft Light. On a merged layer, I ran the composite through Topaz Simplify, but used only the Mono Lines portion, and set that layer to Multiply.  By painting white on a black layer mask, I could selectively add areas of the lines as desired. Lastly, I added the snowflakes from a texture set I purchased. I set that layer to Lighten. The effect didn’t seem strong enough on the high key image, so I duplicated the layer and adjusted the opacity to 13%.

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