Late Winter Sunrise

Later Winter Sunrise

Late Winter Sunrise:

In some years, Antelope Flats Road opens before the snow on the valley floor melts off. The Tetons are usually still blanketed with snow, offering a view not seen my most summer visitors. This image started with a typical, sharp photo—then tweaked to give it a hint of an artist’s touch.


This image made use of four major layers and a lot of filters. The first few passes used the Surface Blur filter in Photoshop, layering them in with Layer Masks. (Surface Blur can maintain crisp edges but blur the softer areas—used heavily for portrait photography) The heavy handed watercolor effect was done in JixiPix, then a composite with a touch of oil painting effect, using Topaz Impression, was layered back over the JixiPix layer. You’ll never see it, but I tried another 20 or so options before picking these.

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