Mountain Goat Sentinel

Mountain Goat Sentinel

Mountain Goat Sentinel:

I copied the original layer to a new layer and added a white layer underneath it. On the upper layer, I added a light Watercolor effect in Akvis, then added a black layer mask.

WC Brush

I used a randomized watercolor brush to bring back the image.This one is shown at 100% opacity, but I had it set to about 50% opacity when I painted white onto the black layer mask. (white reveals, black conceals)

Brush Dynamics

Typically, you have to be careful when using a single Watercolor brush because you’ll begin to see repetitive strokes. The Brush Dynamics were adjusted to jitter the size of each tap of the brush—and also the angle. I set the brush to have “wet edges”. Some of the brush “taps”, mostly around the edges,  were executed at a lower opacity. This part actually went pretty fast.

After merging everything to a new layer above all, I created mono color outlines in Topaz and set that layer to a blend mode of multiply. There was a hue/saturation in the middle to add some color to the rocks, painted in as needed through a layer mask.  Lastly, I added a new layer and filled it with 50% gray, then texturized it with a canvas texture. I set that layer to a blend mode of Overlay.

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