The Grand

The Grand

The Grand— Mid Day: Taken with a Nikon d810 and Tamron 150-600mm lens.

Drab GrandThe image on the left is a rather bland, mid-day shot. On most days, I delete or cull them, mainly because I have so many superior ones. Occasionally, I try to salvage one just to see if there were any overlooked possibilities—make “something” out of nothing! I posted the large image on Best of the Tetons, but I am never sure how an image like that is being accepted there.

This little image was the catalyst for this site! It is is a result of me just experimenting and having fun. The image made me think I should create this artistically expressive site to give me the venue to post images and techniques that began to feel “out of bounds” on the other site. The shackles of tack sharp captures of wildlife and compelling scenic opportunities are off here!

To be honest, I can’t remember which filters I applied, nor in what order. I probably couldn’t recreate it exactly again.

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