Shoshone Elder

Shoshone Elder

Shoshone Elder: (click the image to see it much larger!) Taken with a Nikon D300 and Nikon 24-70mm lens

Shoshone ElderThe image on the left appeared full page in Cowboys and Indians Magazine several years ago. Recently, I started with that image and took it to a whole new place and look. I extracted the figure from the background by creating a selection in one of the channels. The figure was modified with a few artistic techniques, then layered with several textures. The background consists of a photo of a buffalo hide (almost invisible), some long brain tanned leather fringe, and a woven basket. I added a strip of beadwork along the left side.

John Pingree allowed me to do a photo shoot of him on his property at Fort Washakie in NW Wyoming back in 2010.


First EditionThis was my first try. At the time, I liked it well enough, but I felt I could do one I liked better. The first one gave me a “road map” of what I wanted to do on the second one.

I accidentally flattened both of the original files. Huge bummer! The culprit was the alpha channel I used to help extract the figure. You can’t save a JPG with an alpha channel, so when I thought I was saving a flattened JPG, it actually saved the flattened PSD file.



2 thoughts on “Shoshone Elder

  1. Hey Mike, this is John Pingree, and we saw a mural of me on a wall in the Texas Road House restaurant here in Casper. Just wondering if this picture came from one of your photos

    • Hi John, Great to hear from you! If it one of the images I took of you, the answer is NO, they didn’t get permission from me. Knowing I copyrighted the images I took of you with the US Copyright Office, the person painting the mural would be exposing themselves to a copyright infringement case. I’ll check on it! Maybe I will see you at one of the Pow-Wows this year. Take care, Mike Jackson

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