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Warehouse Windows

Teton Textures is the sister site to Best of the Tetons. Go there for tips on where to find wildlife and prime landscape locations in the Jackson Hole area.  Almost every image on this site will be given a variety of artistic techniques—often layered with textures, lighting effects, and even multiple images. Images will run the gamut from dark and sultry to light and whimsical.

I hope to include lots of links for software, brushes, actions, filters, apps, tutorials, training, and also include a few step-by-step tutorials of my own.

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Lastly, I offer One-On-One Photography Excursions here in the Tetons and the Jackson Hole area.  Those trips are always fully customizable, so if you are more interested in touring the valley in search of old barns, structures, ghost signs, and textures, just ask!

Mike R. Jackson: Jackson Hole, WY

LayersWarehouse Windows: This image was captured at the old Railroad Yard in Evanston, WY in 2014.  I used a Nikon D4 and Nikon 200-400mm lens…on a tripod of course!

Most of my processing starts out in Lightroom before taking the image into Photoshop. This image was originally processed in an earlier version of LR so I had to use the Transform tool to square the window up. Now, I’d use the new Lens Corrections tools to quickly fix the distortions. This image was first run through Filter Forge, applying the “Mess Painter” filter, then Topaz ReStyle to add the beautiful colors (multiply mode). The upper portions were too dark, so I used NIK’s Skylight Filter and painted in the effect through a layer mask.

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